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It all started 2010.

 Tom had a vision, 

high-quality Nautical Brand that would represent a typical Croatian lifestyle

relaxed, playful, no worries.

Seeing that at the time there was nothing like that, Tom proceed with his vision.

He started selling in a coastal region of Dalmatia but found that nobody would buy from him because he was too young and did not look professional for that (age 21.).

Seeing the problem, he found a side job in a textile printing company.

Worked up to 15h a day and saved up for his dream.

2011. first store Sailor Tom store opened in a little town called Skradin (Krka National Park).

People of Skradin where thrilled that a young person had opened a Croatian store.

Soon there were first interests in a brand Sailor Tom.

Then on a vacation, a person from Dubrovnik saw an opportunity  

and ordered first goods!

Demand was too big, but somehow he did it.

Years to come factory grew, the business expanded and

export started.

Today we sell our goods in over 70 stores in Croatia and other countries.

Sailor Tom Today is the most respected Nautical Brand in Croatia,

due to quality and modern design.

When in Croatia look for stripe goods with a label

 Sailor Tom and we ensure you that you won't regret.  


Sailor Tom,Tom

Tomislav Rodić - Tom

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